RAW Cache Box Mini Tray + Wooden Box

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Constructed With High Quality and Style

Of all the woods in the world, acacia wood is the classiest, most dependable, and functional. It is nature’s ‘best-selling’ package of strength and class as it tops the list of woods that are suitable for crafting and carvings. These wholesale RAW Cache Box Mini Tray + Wooden Boxes are made out of metal and acacia wood. The wood is extremely strong, thereby making these box a good option when the strength, durability and longevity of a product are a concern.

The wood is naturally resistant to decay, and termite invasion and does not scratch easily. To complement these amazing properties, the rolling trays are made from metal. Both product combined together make a smooth, and tough combination. Your customers would be enjoying these products for a long time.

The Wood With No Requirement To Improve Shelf Life

These wholesale RAW Cache Box Mini Tray + Wooden Box can be kept conveniently and will remain in store for many months. They do not need special chemicals to induce an increase in shelf life. Displaying this box won’t be a problem as it can sit comfortably on any shelf. These boxes are large enough to hold customers’ lighters, papers, cones or any other small rolling item.

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Weight 0,371 kg
Dimensions 19,5 × 14,3 × 10,6 cm



Metal, Wood