RAW Unbleached Hemp Pipe Cleaner (48pcs/display)

48 pieces
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Pipe Cleaners With Class

Clogged pipes can be a hassle to deal with. Getting to clean all the curves and edges can be a total pain. That is why the RAW brand came up with this unique product that is super light and very effective all day long. Every pipe user knows that their pipe will get clogged, stuffy, and ineffective after a while. Hence, this cleaner made by RAW was carefully designed to get all the gunk out of pipes.

What Makes The RAW Unbleached Hemp Pipe Cleaner Unique?

These excellent cleaners are made from pure hemp material wrapped or woven around a banded iron core. They are super strong, highly absorbent, and flexible. This quality makes it very easy for you to bend them into a position that reaches every nook and cranny of your rigs or pipes. Also, these cleansers are available in both their soft form for your more delicate pieces and bristle form for tougher pieces or harder scrubs. This enables your customers to select from a good variety of options. 

Clean pipes or rigs provide a much better smoking experience than clogged ones, so encourage your customers by buying our wholesale RAW Unbleached Hemp Pipe Cleaner (48pcs / display). A  full box is made up of 48 bundles, and a bundle is made up of 24 pipe cleaners. Another great thing about these cleaners is that they come with their own display box, so you don’t need to worry about how to display them.

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48 pieces