RAW Metal Round Rolling Tray 31cm

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Have Your Customers Rolling Flat

One issue that plagues smokers is the absence of a good place to roll their cigarette. Due to this, they discover different ways of rustling up things that look like cigarette to light up and stick in their mouths. These improper cigarette reduce the experience, and end up losing a lot of the cannabis to the floor. Frankly, that is one of the worst heartbreaks a cannabis enthusiast can experience.

The good news is that we’ve got a product to end all these for your customers. With our Wholesale RAW Metal Round Rolling Tray 31cm, they can say goodbye to those shoddy rolls that are bound to canoe or run due to their bad rolling.

RAW Has Steel Got It

The first thing we should note is that RAW is one of the biggest names in the cannabis accessories industry. Their rolling papers are top notch, so you should expect the same quality with their rolling trays.
This particular RAW Metal Round Rolling Tray 31cm is made out of lightweight metal, and has a diameter of 31 x 31 x 3cm. The wideness of it means ample rolling space. They would probably fit it in a bag, and the light weight of 0.269kg would make sure that they won’t notice the weight.

The design is also a cool touch, and we are sure that your rolling customers would be satisfied with it. You can purchase from us at these low prices, and we’ll deliver swiftly.

Data Sheet

Weight 0,269 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 3 cm




Tray size

Large (28×34 cm)