RAW The Dark Side Thick Ashtray with Giftbox

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RAW The Dark Side Thick Ashtray with Giftbox

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So Thick It Could Stop A Bullet

The perfect artistic addition to any smoking accessory is the ashtray. A high-quality, unique, and stylish ashtray lets your customers experience a memorable and wholesome smoking session everytime they light a blunt. At simply green, we have introduced the newest addition to our smoking accessory collection, Wholesale RAW The Dark Side Thick Ashtray with Giftbox. This uniquely designed and stylishly looking ashtray comes enclosed in a gift box. It is indeed nothing like an ordinary ashtray.

The dark side ashtray is a beautiful piece of art made from the finest quality glass material that is very thick to ensure that it passes all durability tests. The glass is so thick and firm that it almost feels like it can stop a bullet. The ashtray is adorned with four notches used to hold smoking joints as your customers enjoy a good time.

Translucent, Classy, And Stylish

This Wholesale RAW The Dark Side Thick Ashtray is the perfect choice for your customers’ smoking experience. It is designed to be dark in color with a shiny surface that complements the black hues within the glass. The RAW logo is perfectly engraved on the ashtray giving it an admirable and classy look.

Unlike an ordinary ashtray, the dark translucent glass finish gives it a stylish and unique feel. This dark side ashtray is a lightweight version of the incredible RAW crystal glass ashtray, making it an irresistibly unique addition to any space, whether home or the office.

Attractive Gift Box Packaging

Packaging is what sells a product fast. The first thing that attracts a customer’s eye is how a product is packed. This Wholesale RAW The Dark Side Thick Ashtray comes enclosed in a black gift box, a design that will make this product fly off your shelves. This packaging makes it very convenient for your customer to gift their loved ones with the RAW dark side ashtray.

The gift box design is magnetic to ensure the box locks up well, keeping the ashtray safe and in place all the time. Inside the box, there is a red-colored velvet material that has a very soft and luxurious feel, and it helps prevent the ashtray from getting scratched.

You can now order the Wholesale RAW The Dark Side Thick Ashtray with Giftbox from our website at the best prices as you enjoy sweet profits. The ashtrays come in a packed size of 15 x 15 x 4 cm, and each pack weighs 0.556 kg.


Weight 0,556 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4,5 cm






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