The Bulldog Original Metal Rolling Tray Small

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The Bulldog Original Metal Rolling Tray Small

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The Bulldog

The Netherlands

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Rolling Tray for the Discerning User

This Wholesale Bulldog Original Metal Rolling Tray Small has a simple and attractive look and is a must-have accessory for every herb-lover. The Bulldog Original Metal Rolling Tray Small not only provides the perfect surface to grind herbs and spices, but it is also wide enough to hold everyday smoking accessories in one place.

Bulldog designed this tray to be extremely sturdy and portable, and boasts rounded edges that help prevent herb buildup in the corners. The iconic bulldog logo is distinctly featured in the middle of the black surface, giving it a place of pride in any collector’s set.

The little is the ideal size to carry with you and quickly fold one up when out and about.

Top Features of Wholesale Bulldog Original Metal Rolling Tray Small

Black front surface with iconic bulldog emblem and golden back color.

Made from lightweight metal.

Long-lasting, durable, and portable.

Currently only available in small sizes – 175mm x 275mm x 23mm.

A Collectors’s Masterpiece

The Wholesale Bulldog Original Metal Rolling Tray Small is essentially a collector’s masterpiece. Even though it is strong and durable enough for everyday rolling needs, people who enjoy beautiful works of art will want to own this, whether they are herb lovers or not.

The lightweight metal body is far more durable than glass or wood. These trays would be able to last your customers a long time. With that durability though, the tray must be heavy, right?  

Wrong. This tray weighs only 0.070kg. For context, that is lighter than your cell phone. This product ticks all the boxes, you should probably get it for your store.     

Buy and start selling today.   


Weight 0,070 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12,5 × 1,5 cm

The Bulldog

Tray size

Small (14×18 cm)



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