True Hemp Tobacco Free Banana Hemp Wraps (25pcs/display)

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True Hemp Tobacco Free Banana Hemp Wraps (25pcs/display)

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True and Free of Addictive High

Do you have new or old customers that are weary from the search for tobacco-free hemp wraps? A lot of them are seeking a good high substance or product that does not have an addictive substance in it. These True Hemp® wraps are the ideal relaxation tool for them. 

These hemp wraps are the kings of true relaxation experiences that can uplift customers’ spirits. They carry the wonderful taste of freshness and the unbeatable feeling of freedom from the captivity of stressors.

The wholesale True Hemp® Tobacco Free Banana Hemp Wraps (25pcs/display) are easy to use and are generally safer than rolling pipes. They taste natural and do not leave ashes behind, unlike cigars. 

In addition, they do not choke users, and their puff is thick and efficient, producing natural hits. Your customers will love the real banana taste and flavor of these wraps and avoid the unwanted issues that come with taking pleasure hits.

A Promise of Optimum High with No Health Problems

These hemp wraps are the organic product of herbs, which means there are no artificial substances, including sweeteners. Your customers will get a real hemp fiber experience – with optimum high and no health-related problems.

To keep their hemp wraps in the best condition, True Hemp® packages them in protective packs with long-lasting quality. These protective packs help prevent the wraps from becoming damaged or worn out. 

The wholesale True Hemp® Tobacco-Free Banana Hemp Wraps (25pcs/display) is extremely user-friendly. Although hemp wraps begin to absorb aroma and flavor from the environment if left open for more than a week, your customers get a bonus of longer exposure time with these True Hemp® banana wraps. They are made to maintain their quality for longer periods than other brands of hemp wraps or alternatives. 

Get these elegant and functional wraps at great discount prices at Simply Green while stock lasts. Palace your order now!


Weight 0,144 kg
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 6 cm

True Hemp

Pieces per display

25 pieces



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