True Hemp Tobacco Free Mango Hemp Wraps (25pcs/display)

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True Hemp Tobacco Free Mango Hemp Wraps (25pcs/display)

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Weight 0,144 kg
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 6 cm

True Hemp

Pieces per display

25 pieces




Organic, Smooth With The Tropical Aroma

Our wholesale True Hemp Tobacco Free Mango Hemp Wraps are the first of their kind! With a smooth tropical mango aroma, they continuously mesmerize customers with a foretaste of the pleasantness locked within each layer of the wraps. They are largely a healthier alternative to using tobacco wraps. A good choice for customers who desire a high experience with a safe cannabis product.

A true Hemp mango wrap is generally in high demand, especially among people with a keen interest in natural herbs or bits of hemp with unbeatable flavor and taste. These hemp are useful for customers desiring appropriate replacement for cigars or rolling pipes. They provide a good bolster for smoke experiences because they eliminate the unnecessary rolling time in pre-smoking rituals.

Since the introduction of true hemp wraps in 2017, they have remained at the top of the quality chart, giving customers the best quality for the cheapest prices. The benefits of true hemp tobacco-free mango hemp wraps are innumerable for both customers, stores, and the environment. Wholesale True Hemp Tobacco-Free Mango Hemp Wraps (25pcs-display) is good business choice!

No Expert Experience Needed For Good Smoke Experience

The use of these mango hemp wraps is easy, they do not require professional or unique touches to deliver the desired effect they carry in each layer of their wraps. They are pre-rolled, and only require the gentle touch of a lighter to release the heavenly smoke composition that primes the heavenly and relaxing experience your customers hope for. They lack the addictive components of other cannabis products and remain the ideal choice for non-aggressive smokers hoping to enjoy marathon smoke in the comfort of their homes or favorite place of solace. Aside from lacking addictive additives, smokers will not only get to experience the great taste of these natural florae but will also enjoy the effects of their favorite plant with no harmful side effects of tobacco leaves or other artificial chemicals.

As a product of natural quality, made with pure hemp, and is 100% tobacco and nicotine-free, stores are required to include the wholesale True Hemp Tobacco-Free Mango Hemp Wraps (25pcs-display) in their stocks to keep them on constant display. They have great shelf lives and will remain at top quality for a longer period than their counterparts. Make your store the haven of good life seekers, the bus stop of careful smokers, and the desire of all smokers by adding these True Hemp Mango wrap to the smoke accessory shelves

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