Cyclones Hemp Cones Original (24pcs/display)

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Cones You’ll Never Get Enough Of

Once a person tries cones and their fascinating efficiency,  they can never want to go back to the old messy rolling method! 

These 24pcs Original Hemp Cones are great for relaxation and a herb lover’s favorite herb – your customers will love them. They are pre-rolled wraps made from natural hemp leaves, so your customers don’t have to break up the herbs themselves. They can simply fill it up with their preferred herb and use.  

This option is ideal for those who prefer a puff session with no additives. The beauty of it is that your customers get to choose between the original, sweet, or menthol wraps. And the Cyclone brand also offers its cube cone, which makes it easier to fill up one’s herb of choice. 


Buy our wholesale Cyclones Hemp Cones Original (24pcs/display) today at our special premium prices and enjoy a great boost in your store sales and profit margins. 

A Detailed and Unique Tang in Every Wrap

Original means one-of-a-kind! Who doesn’t like something different, especially when it enhances their relaxation experience? These lovely display packs are a perfect fit for your stores.

Each green, original pack on display contains 24 pieces of hemp cones. 

You’ll be getting cones that are the most suitable for different herb blends, both loose or well-compressed herbs. Customers may also use the wrap with a grinder to break up the herbs and sprinkle them inside the cones. The conscious hemp leaves provide a unique and detailed taste to these cones. 

The Cyclones brand is all about premium quality, which is why their expertly crafted hemp cones are about the best relaxation accessory a fellow herb enthusiast could have. They’re not only a little more substance than the ordinary paper cone, but they’re also a little more sturdy and long-lasting. They’re also quite simple to utilize.

The quality of Cyclone’s accessories speaks for itself: it is simply a good thing to buy the best quality. That’s why we sell their products here at Simply Green; because we care about quality – yet our prices flush every wholesaler out there!

Simply Green is committed to helping you provide your customers with the best quality, durable and reliable relaxation accessories – for the best possible experience and relationship. This is why we prioritize quality in our wholesale items. 

The wholesale Cyclones Hemp Cones Original (24pcs/display) are not only unique in their presentation and utility, but they’re also of incredibly high quality– and are readily available for wholesale today at prices that beat the market!

Shop with us today for the best quality accessories!

Data Sheet

Weight 0,246 kg
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 11,5 cm


Pieces per display

24 pieces



Packs per box

24 packs

Blunts per pack

2 blunts