Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sweets x4 Blunts (15packs/display)

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Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sweets x4 Blunts (15packs/display)

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A Sweet Escape

The wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sweets x4 Blunts (15 packs/display) are the sweet addition every herb enthusiast needs to add to their relaxation accessories. Packaged so delicately well, each roll has a hard plastic straw in it to keep its shape. 

The wraps are gentle and the flavor is long-lasting.  Reviewers have attested to the product being the most flavorful hemp wrap they have ever tried. Also, the packs are resealable and the packaging is aesthetically pleasing.

Established in 1995, Royal Blunts is a Southern California-based company that is at the forefront of novel relaxation accessories. The organization has been breaking boundaries with unique products and flavors for over two decades, taking the market by storm. You already know Royal Blunts’ blunt wrappers are authentic because they’ve been around for almost 20 years.

The company is known for creating wraps that are moist enough for creative wrapping yet don’t leave residue on customers’ fingers. The non-tobacco wraps are likewise simple to fold and bend. With a gentle, even burn, the outcome is a hemp wrap that your customers would really love.

Organic and 4-5 Times Better Quality

The hemp wraps have been produced in an eco-friendly manner. During the manufacturing process, each ingredient is examined. The wraps have the right amount of shredding and are drenched in sweet terpene flavor. 

The hemp paper used is made entirely or in part from pulp derived from industrial hemp fibers. Hemp pulp has a four to five times longer fiber quality, a much-reduced lignin proportion, and superior tear resistance and tensile strength than wood pulp.

The wrap is organic, slow-burning, and all-natural. Tobacco and nicotine-free, Royal Blunts uses the finest European Hemp for a smooth slow toke. Every pouch comes with 4 hemp wraps, each of which has a shelf life of 18 months.

Customers will have the same sensation as if they were relaxing with traditional tobacco, but this product is made of hemp! The wraps burn gently and can be puffed with or without a tip. They don’t have an adhesive edge, either. 

The wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Sweets x4 Blunts (15packs/display) supplies users with everything they want in a quality wrap from the ease of use to a satisfying burn; and at Simply Green, we offer them to you at cost-friendly prices for better sales and gain margins in your store. 

Place your order today and get in on this sweet deal!


Weight 0,140 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 19 cm




Pieces per display

15 pieces

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