Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Purple Wave Purple Gelato with Infused Terpenes (25pcs/display)

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Juicy Jay's Hemp Wraps Purple Wave Purple Gelato with Infused Terpenes (25pcs/display)

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Juicy Jays Hemp Gelato flavored Blunt Papers

Juicy Jay’s is well-known for its large assortment of flavored rolling papers, papers on a roll, and pre-rolled cones, but they also dominate the industry in natural wraps. Juicy Jay’s wraps are spiced using their famous triple-dip flavor process and sealed extra tight for freshness! In addition to this Purple Wave, it is available in three other different Terpene flavors: Amarillo (Lemon Cake), Eldorado (Pineapple Shake), and Red Storm (Purple Gelato). You should seriously consider adding this Wholesale Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Purple Wave Purple Gelato with Infused Terpenes (25pcs/display) to your sales list as soon as possible. Each packet contains two wraps. There is no tobacco or nicotine in this product.

Jay’s Terpene Enhanced Hemp Blunt Wraps will entice your consumers to wrap them around their lips for an unforgettable experience! Terpenes abound in these tasty hemp wraps in four Terptastic flavors!

Terpenes With Great Flavor!

An improved version of Juicy Jay hemp wraps! Terpenes are infused in these incredibly flavorful terpene enhanced hemp wraps, making them an especially aromatic and tasty option for rolling a fat one. Juicy Jay hemp wraps have been upgraded! Terpenes are embedded in these terpene enhanced hemp wraps, giving them an extraordinarily aromatic and flavorful option for rolling a fat one. Do your customers prefer to smoke naturally? They can use Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps! The guys behind Juicy Jay’s Papers invented hemp wraps to make rolling a quick cigarette simple and enjoyable. Anything Juicy Jay’s is guaranteed to be excellent. Juicy Jay’s is well-known for its delectable and tasty papers and wraps, but they’ve taken it a step further and added EVEN MORE taste!

The introduction of Hemp Wraps with Terpene enhancement makes these tasty Terp Loaded Hemp Wraps contain extravagantly more flavor and are guaranteed to Elevate your customer’s Smoking Experience. They are entirely herbal and infused with Purple Gelato terpenes. Free of Tobacco and Chemicals Each pack contains two (2) individually wrapped wraps for maximum freshness. Make sure your customer’s next smoking session includes just the requisite quantity of taste.

  • 25 packs per case
  • Contains 2 Wraps Per Pack
  • Made from 100% Natural Toasted Hemp
  • Terpene Enhanced
  • Infused with terpenes for enhanced flavors & a smoking experience
  • Terpene Profile: Purple Gelato (Purple Wave)
  • This product does not contain THC, CBD, or tobacco.
  • Slow burning and satisfying
  • Elevated Smoking Experience
  • Sealed for Guaranteed Freshness


Weight 0,126 kg
Dimensions 5 × 11 × 18 cm

Juicy Jay's

Pieces per display

25 pieces

Blunts per pack

2 blunts



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