Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Strawberry x4 Blunts (15packs/display)

Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Strawberry x4 Blunts (15packs/display)

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Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Strawberry x4 Blunts (15packs/display)
In stockAvailable

In stockAvailable

Additional information:

Weight 0,140 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 19 cm




Pieces per display

15 pieces

Product description:

Pretty Please, With A Strawberry On Top!

Our wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Strawberry x4 Blunts (15packs/display) by Royal Blunts are a favorite among female users, so you may position the product accordingly when presenting it to customers. Royal Blunts is a premium quality product. Every ingredient is tested during the manufacturing process. The wraps have the correct thin shredding, thoroughly soaked in the strawberry aroma. The package contains good-quality wrap paper. Royal Blunts has over 20 years of street cred, so you already know their blunt wraps are official.

The hemp paper has paper varieties consisting exclusively or to a large extent of pulp obtained from fibers of industrial hemp. Compared to wood pulp, hemp pulp offers four to five times longer fiber, a significantly lower lignin fraction as well as higher tear resistance and tensile strength. Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Strawberry Blunts flavor is the iconic ripe and juicy berry. This smoking mixture has a natural taste, thanks to the originality of strawberries which is preserved in thick clouds of aromatic smoke. It can be freely smoked alone, without the feeling of cloying. It also performs well when mixed with other options added to the wraps. It leaves a lingering strawberry scent in the mouth and creates a pleasant summer atmosphere for the user.

Most reviewers of this hemp wrap have attested to how there is no effect of a blow to the throat while inhaling. This makes this wrap suitable for almost any user: from beginner to experienced.

Natural Product

In addition to that, Hemparillos are crafted from 100% Premium All-Natural Hemp, meaning they’re 100% Tobacco-Free. Also, they’re Vegan-Approved and clean to consume. To order this product for customers who believe in keeping it Green- by choosing Royal Blunt Hemparillos, It is guaranteed they won’t regret it!


-Brand: Royal Blunts
-Material: 100% pure hemp
-Size: Kingsize
-Weight: 8g
-Wraps per pack: 4
-Includes 4 blunt wraps
-Resealable packaging (stays fresh up to 6 months after opening)
-Assorted flavors available
-Taste – fruity;
-Strength – medium;
-Aroma – rich berry

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