Christmas Presents
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15 Christmas Presents That Every Cannabis Related Store Must Have In 2022

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Susan Mayer

Market Analyst at Simply Green


Offering the perfect present is never easy, but it’s the perfect time to close the year with an up tick in revenue. Year after year, people are searching for presents at the last moment, searching for the perfect detail for their loved ones. To help you stay on-trend this season, we’ve rounded up the most popular Christmas Gifts for Smokers & Cannabis lovers in 2022.

When making this list, we chose the best items of our main categories; CBD Items, Smoking Accessories and Vaping — all the products are top sellers in our platform, latest trends on the market or are simply our personal favourites.

We know every customer is different, and that’s why we take care about the details like budget, type of present (just a small detail or “THE GIFT”) or preferences on the customers ( cause not every cannabis pasionate is a smoker).

There’s a ton of thoughtful but inexpensive presents and unique gift ideas under €20 like the Happease Extracts, as well as some splurge-worthy items like the Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer.

Best CBD Christmas Presents:

1. Wholesale Happease Starter Kit (Available in 5 different formulas)

Happease is a brand that has been built with the desire of helping people in their everyday life. Everybody loves its minimal style and high-end quality products are making the brand stand out from the crowd and positioning itself among the best CBD brands in Europe.

The Happease Starter Kits are the perfect Christmas gift for that friend, family member or colleague who loves terpenes. Happease Starter Kits are an award-winning product and are composed by a Happease rechargeable CELL pen, one 600mg cartridge with a guaranteed amount of 85% CBD + other cannabinoids and a charger.

The cartridge, has been tailored for the special viscosity of the formulas; each formula contains only Happease full spectrum distillate + terpenes profiles. Nothing else, no PG, no VG, no MTC.

Available in 5 different and exclusive formulas and with a recommended PVP of €50, this is the perfect present for that special person who loves the entourage effect and premium Cannabis.

2. Wholesale Enecta Skincare Products

Cosmetics presents are always a good option, much more if we’re talking about CBD cosmetic presents. CBD & Cosmetics have been trending in the last months due to all the potential benefits of CBD in the skin and the easy way to sell CBD for topical use.

Enecta Skincare line is a good and flexible present, your customers can choose to give the full line or only choose the proper ones for the gift recipient. Enecta is a consumer-focused company with a strong belief in ethical prices. During the last years, Enec​​ta has been working on creating proprietary strains with high CBD & CBG content.

The product range of Enecta goes from CBD oils for specific needs to quality cosmetics for the skin.

  • Enecta CBD Anti-ageing Cream: The perfect cream to prevents and reduces wrinkles and lines on the skin, this cream contains CBD and vitamin C which is the perfect formula for a younger and brighter skin. But not only that, it also contains Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil and vitamin E.
  • Enecta CBD face and Neck Cleanser: This cleanser gently cleanses the skin, even on sensitive or acne-prone skin. It has CBD to cleanse the skin and cold-pressed hemp seed oil to regulate sebum (oil). Protects and respects pH levels of the skin.
  • Enecta CBD Body Lotion: This lotion is rich in CBD to help protect the most delicate skin. Made with natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, it’s especially nourishing. The antioxidants found in CBD crystals keep the skin looking young and bright.
  • Enecta CBD Moisturizing Cream: Enecta’s formula is carefully crafted with hemp seed oil and CBD, which deeply moisturizes the skin and strengthens the epidermis.

3. Wholesale Cibdol – CBD for Pets

And what about furry friends? Probably more than one of them will get a Christmas present too. If your customers are looking for a premium product for their furry best friends, you should have Cibdol’s pet products on hand.

Cibdol is one of the leading retailers of 100% natural and high-quality CBD oils. Cibdol wants to provide customers with the best CBD products on the market, upholding total transparency in their production.

  • Cibdol (Cibapet) CBD Oil for pets: Cibdol CBD oil for pets is designed to give pets optimal health without any conflicting side effects. They combine CBD with fish oil, vitamin E, protein, and fibre to support sustainable wellness while also improving their digestion. With different and adapted products for dogs and cats, you can find the Cibapet CBD oil in 2 different concentrations for each type of product (pet), 2% CBD and 4% CBD.
  • Cibdol (Cibapet) CBD treats for pets: Cibdol treats for pets are with no doubts the Christmas gift that pets will enjoy the most. CBD treats can help with mental and physical wellness. These bites or treats are available in a dog version and in a cat version, both with adapted ingredients for each type of pet.
  • Cibdol (Cibapet) Patilles for dogs: Dogs are said to have an internal endocannabinoid system or ECS that can be improved with cannabinoids like CBD. Along with CBD, Cibapet pastilles also contain trace amounts of essential vitamins, protein, calcium, folic acids, iron, potassium, and magnesium. These ingredients work together to provide a healthy dose of supplemental ingredients that can help keep their inner health strong.

4. Wholesle Orange County CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t like gummies? CBD gummies can be the perfect gift for a company or friends’ dinner, it is an inexpensive gift that can be combined perfectly, tastes delicious and, in this case, brings potential benefits for the recipient of the gift.

And with all varieties of flavours, shapes and concentrations of Orange County CBD, your customers will be able to find the perfect gummies for their loved ones. Imagine finding your favourite childhood gummies, now with CBD!

Orange County CBD was founded in 2019 after two friends took a trip to the land of sunshine and history: California. They found a revolutionary way to make a product that would change European CBD forever.

There are 3 different sizes of Orange County CBD gummies:

  • Large Tubes with approx 70 gummies per Tube.
  • Small Tube with approx 25 gummies per tube
  • Grab Bags with approx 10 gummies per bag
  • Mini Grab Bags with approx 6 gummies per bag

*The amount of gummies per bag/bottle depends on the shape of the gummy.

The concentrations you can find Orange County CBD Gummies in the following concentrations:

    • 100mg mini grab bag
    • 200mg grab bag
    • 400mg small tube
    • 800mg small tube
    • 1200mg small tube
    • 1600mg large tube
    • 3200mg large tube
    • 4800mg large tube

5. Happease CBD Extracts

Who’s not hyping about extracts and concentrates in the cannabis world? Extracts and concentrates are giving users a greater possibility to research and discover the flavours and textures they enjoy most. In addition, with high-end devices appearing on the market, concentrates are starting to be used more openly in Europe. The coming months will probably see a further growth in demand for this type of product.

CBD users can also enjoy the experience of concentrates, and Happease are experts in creating the most potent terpene extracts. With 31 different extracts Happease offers a range of products that will allow your customers to find the right concentrate gift for their friend or family member.

With 7 different types of extracts and 5 different formulations per extract, your customers will probably not be able to decide on just one.

In the range of Happease CBD Extracts, you will find:

  • Happease Ice – O – Later 35% : The top seller. Solid & Soft and a good option for polm lovers.
  • Happease La Crème 28%: Another solid concentrate with an intense aroma due to the pureness of its extraction process.
  • Happease Crumble 90%: With a strong concentration of full spectrum CBD and terpenes, this rocky and yellowish concentrate will be perfect for dabbing lovers.
  • Happease Terpsolate 97%: The diamond of the Happease range of concentrates. With a uniform taste and a clean burn, this extract it’s a perfect present for both new and experienced users.
  • Happease Sugar Wax 62%: The sticky one. This extract is also a perfect product for dabbing lovers, it’s slow burn and low viscosity provides a smooth and mellow smoke.
  • Happease Shatter 58%: This crystal clear form, it’s perfect for adding a CBD sparkle touch to regular flowers. This gives the user a much more complete Cannabis experience.
  • Happease Ice 99.7%: The most pure extract of Happease range. This extract is the only one which is not available in the different formulas, as it’s a pure formulation. Just good CBD, nothing else.

You can find each type of extract in the following formulas:

  • Mountain River – OG Kush
  • Jungle Spirit – Banana Kush
  • Strawberry Field – Strawberry Bubblegum
  • Lemon Tree – Super Lemon Haze
  • Tropical Sunrise – Zkittlez

Best Smoking Accessories Christmas Presents:

1. Wholesale Best Buds Glass Ashtrays – Strains Edition

One of our top sellers in the last months of the year, these ashtrays are made to gift sometimes to yourself, sometimes to others, but are always a present. Made in high quality thick glass, Best Buds ashtrays will be the centre of attention in any table.
Best Buds is known for their original and colourful designs, this line is not different. With 6 different and unique designs inspired on the most famous strains, they are the perfect gift for any high-minded friend.

And as if the design and quality of the product weren’t enough, the box in which these ashtrays come in is a wrapper in itself (and reusable). It is made of thick cardboard and has the same design of the ashtray in full colour and high definition on the outside, but the surprise comes on the inside. In each box you will find information about the strain, such as its potency, its origins or its terpenes. It’s not the perfect gift for this season?

The strains you can find among Best Buds ashtrays are:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Alien OG
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sunset sherbet
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Lemon Haze