Combie All-In-One Pocket Grinder – Creatures (10pcs/display)

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Out of stockSold out

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Combie All-In-One Pocket Grinder - Creatures (10pcs/display)

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Combie All-In-1 Grinders


The Perfect Gift For Herbs Enthusiasts

Do your customers ever get tired of doing manual labor when grinding a bunch of herb rolls? The wholesale Combie™ All-In-One Pocket Grinder – Creatures (10 pcs/display) is here to save the day and be everything they need in a nice little package. Made of high-quality fiberglass nylon, inside and out, this 6-in-1 grinder is built to last, definitely committing for the long haul. 

The technology behind the Combie smart grinder and roller is pretty epic to witness, users need only to sit back and watch it do its thing; which is to help them prepare for a relaxation session like never before and in record time! 

The piece has got everything your customers could possibly need!It includes: 

A small grinder

A storage compartment

A mixing tray. 

A cleaning pin to make it easy to pull out the bits of sticky resin after grinding. 

Storage suitable for king-sized papers and 

A pack of filter tips.

Engineered To Deliver!

This 6-in-1 grinder and storage container from Combie packs a whole load of functionality into a tiny product. Grinding, storage, and a mixing tray—all available in one item! Life’s never been easier.

Whether your customers want to relax with a herb roll, bong, pipe, or a vaporizer, a grinder is an essential tool so that they can enjoy their sessions to the fullest. Grinders make sure herb users get the most out of their favorite dried plants, make rolling easier, and produce a smoother session.  

Order the wholesale Combie™ All-In-One Pocket Grinder – Creatures (10 pcs/display) from Simply Green and enjoy amazing deals and discounts. Fast, discreet, and reliable shipping is guaranteed.


Weight 0,458 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 cm




Pieces per display

10 pieces

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