Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Mexican skulls (10pcs/display)

10 pieces
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In stockAvailable

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Gold-toned Skulls that Reflect ‘Royalty’

Made from strong plastic each Gold-toned Skull grinder is rigid, water-resistant, and durable. The outer surfaces are toned with a shade of gold and Mexican skulls. To the uninitiated, the Mexican skulls are commonly known to symbolize life. They awaken positive emotions that inspire a renewed perspective of life.

The small pocket-size grinder has multiple partitions for different processes. The storage partition is designed to hold just enough herbs to use at least one time. The grinding tray allows your customers to press and crush their stuff. In addition, the manufacturer incorporated a mixing compartment where ground herbs can be transferred; to obtain fine residue ready for use. 

And the weight and size? One grinder weighs about 0.458kg and its size is 12x20x12cm. The small size is convenient for most people who are very mobile and would like to carry this accessory around. This also, can be said regarding the weight of the product. It will not be a burden for your customers.

Every Piece Comes With Rolling Papers

One of the multiple partitions of this all-in-one grinder is stacked with King size rolling papers. This allows your customers to have all they need in one small accessory. The plug on the mixing compartment ensures none of your customers’ herb spill off while pouring out to the rolling papers. The toxin-free filters that come with the rolling papers sift large particles leaving your customers with only the best hash.

Add this valuable accessory to your shelf and watch your daily sale improve remarkably when you purchase our wholesale CombieTM All-in-one Pocket Grinder- Mexican Skulls. Our discounted prices guarantee you attractive profit margins.

Data Sheet

Weight 0,458 kg
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 12 cm


Pieces per display

10 pieces