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How To Sell CBD Online: A Guide For Resellers


Most of you, by now, will have noticed that CBD products have made their way into almost every retail, wellness and hospitality sector, including health food shops, pharmacies, even chemists and veterinary practises. Due to CBD’s regular widespread usage, prolific industry boom and changes to government regulation across the globe, it is evident that CBD is here to stay. Furthermore, figures show that the CBD industry is expanding exponentially and displays little sign of slowing. There is an immense amount of scope for new business entrepreneurs looking to join and succeed within an industry that is still in its infancy but is certain to grow and mature. It is a unique opportunity to start your own CBD business as it provides the chance to grow alongside an increasingly popular and novel industry, one that offers a unique array of products that can suit anybody from the young to the old, and even our beloved pets.

How do you become a CBD seller?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a comprehensive guide that explains how to sell CBD online and how to start your very own CBD business or online CBD store, then now is the time to take out your pen and paper. Here we include some of the key steps you will need to take in order to turn your CBD vision into a profitable reality. Selling CBD products has just a couple of challenges in terms of licences and keeping up-to-date with evolving regulations. For those of you willing to do your legal research, and brand and market effectively, selling CBD can be a highly profitable business venture for any CBD industry newcomer.

Carry out research

Before attempting to sell any kind of product, it is generally considered good practise to research the current industry, its potential growth, the target audience and its increasing product ranges. For example, in 2020 the CBD market was valued at around $2.8 billion and is forecast to reach $13.4 billion in 2028. CBD is an interesting product in that its benefits are being continuously discovered and its uses and versatility continue to broaden. Within the CBD industry there is scope for having large CBD product ranges with items ranging from lip balm to highly concentrated vape liquid and CBD edibles. On the other hand, product ranges are so diverse and abundant that it is possible to specialise in a specific type of CBD product. Researching CBD products will help ensure that you develop your own niche and in turn help you get the most out of your investment. Some of the most common types of CBD product available to you are :

Sell CBD Online

You may be interested to know that is it possible to create your own unique products with our white label service. This fully encompassing service enables you to build your own brand with already tried and tested, high quality CBD by simply consulting with our CBD experts. Our experts can help with your products design process and guide you right through the entire process.

Get the proper licenses


In the EU, including the Netherlands, and according to the FSA catalogue, all food supplements containing hemp leaves/infructescence (tea, muesli, snacks etc) or containing hemp extract need to obtain pre-marketing authorisation in order to be placed on the market. Now although CBD is deemed safe by the EU, some countries have their own laws surrounding CBD and cannabis products. There is no blanket rule for the sale of CBD products throughout the EU but we have included a few resources that can provide helpful regarding selling CBD in the EU:


Currently in the UK, food businesses (that means people producing CBD products for consumption) must complete an application for novel foods which you can find here on the FSA website. In the UK, providing that the products you have chosen for your own store are legal (contain less than 0.2% THC and no other controlled substances), already certified and lab tested and provided by a reputable retailer, they can be resold with no need for license providing they are not advertised as medicinal products. CBD can also be sold as a novel food or health supplement.

Find a reputable wholesale supplier

In order to ensure that you are complying with legislation surrounding CBD and other cannabis products, and providing the highest quality CBD products available on the market today, it is absolutely essential to find an already established and reputable B2B supplier. When you use a trusted and reputable supplier, like Simply Green, you can be sure that you are trading in certified, third party lab tested CBD products sourced from the best manufacturers and popular brands in the business. Not only do you receive a complete service (starting from consultation and help with inventory planning right through to delivery to your door) with Simply Green, but much hassle surrounding product licenses and more is already taken into account. This means you can rest assured the CBD that your customers receive will have them coming back time and time again, leaving you to focus on building your brand. To set up a free account with Simply Green, please register here.

Create an online store and build your brand

If you want to succeed in creating your very own CBD business, you need to sell CBD online, which involves setting up your own online store (e-commerce site) and develop your own unique, and recognisable brand. Setting up an online store is now a relatively simple process (you can use templates, or employ a web agency to design and build a custom site, and use trusted e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce) and allows you to be available to reach a large, even global audience. Online marketing channels like social media platforms, give you the opportunity to get involved in modern marketing where you can engage directly with your consumers and build a loyal following. Businesses failing to keep up with our ever-growing online culture will unfortunately be left behind. Fear not, access to extremely simple website building software or online shops via social media platforms are the new normal. It can be as simple as logging in, customising a website template and filling it with your brand and stock. Whilst you do need some knowledge and digital skill, it’s fair to say it’s easier than it’s ever been. It’s also important to note that trade shows – whilst offline – are a fantastic way to grow your brand and expand your market reach. Research trade shows in your own country and in other countries you want to work in and create a schedule of those you feel it would be beneficial to attend.

Set up payments

Setting up a payment gateway for your online CBD business will involve some research as whilst there are a number of gateways that accept CBD products, you need to check carefully before proceeding and stay up to date as policies may change over time. In the past, Shopify for example, presented some issues to CBD sellers but currently it’s OK to sell on the platform as long as you don’t use their in-built payment processor and instead opt for another gateway of your choice. Whichever payment gateway you choose, check it’s compatible with the e-commerce platform for your website, such as WooCommerce, and be cautious that policies for selling CBD online may come under review in the future.

Focus on customer service

At the heart of any great business is care and understanding of your customers individual needs. Providing your clients with personal service and high quality CBD from a trusted wholesaler will ensure that their shopping experience will be rewarding and they will feel valued. We all like a personal experience, and as a business owner you should set aside and allocate time to correspond with customers and build relationships that encourage loyalty. Understanding their needs and helping answer queries about your products and services goes a long way, as does being reliable with deliveries and launching new and exciting product ranges on your store.

Which platforms can you use to sell CBD?

You’re able to sell CBD on your own website using e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, and you can also set up accounts and sell on websites like eBay and Amazon, ensuring you meet all of their requirements. Being on these platforms can increase exposure as you build your website’s authority online, but it will also impact your profit margin as they will take a cut from your sales. When it comes to selling or advertising CBD products – particularly from your own website – you will need to be creative. There are lots of websites and social media platforms that can remove your adverts or deny content for advertising various types of CBD. Each platform has its own policy regarding CBD products and this means establishing your own e-commerce store, or stocking your products at an on site store location is a must. You have to use an original and organic strategy to create awareness of your products. When it comes to selling CBD products, researching your local laws and research into the current industry status will benefit you greatly and prevent you from running into any hurdles along the way. For example, you can:

  • Create a newsletter for your customers to opt into so that you can keep them up to date and advertise new products or offers
  • Write articles about CBD products and their benefits on your website’s blog
  • Use pop-up banners on your website to advertise new offers
  • Reach out to relevant CBD resource websites to see if you can work together on any content

All of these methods allow you to engage directly with your consumers and have more control over the success of your business.

Which CBD products are the best to stock?

We know product ranges can be pretty vast and often information concerning the legitimacy of the products themselves, including their contents, can be hard to decipher on the open market. That is why at Simply Green we can firmly say that selecting a well-known and trusted B2B wholesaler like us guarantees that the products you receive are lab tested and quality assured. When it comes to the best CBD products available, Simply Green can provide you with all of your CBD product needs and help advise you on the stock that best suits your requirements and the needs of your target market. If you are curious which are the best product types for your business, take a look at these popular examples we have provided below.

Products for your CBD business

CBD comes in many forms and can suit all types of lifestyles – the variety is truly astonishing. There is no need for customers to take supplement pills to get a dose of CBD, they can have a relaxing CBD cup of tea, or a soothing lotion to ease tension or pain.

CBD oils

One of the most popular products is CBD oils. They are commonly used as a part of a daily health routine and for things like providing relief from various symptoms of illness or ailments. CBD oil is a diverse category in itself with many products including:

  • Water soluble oils – oils that can be dropped into food, drink, and taken sublingually under the tongue
  • Spray oils – this type of oil is sprayed straight into the mouth from a small container with an atomising nozzle
  • Mixed oils – some CBD oils are combined with other health supplements and ingredients such as turmeric or biotin

Many CBD oils can be found with varying strengths and differing flavours. Take the time to browse each brand’s range and choose the products that suit your business best. Aim to provide your customers with a broad variety of strength and flavour options to ensure you can attract a wider audience with differing needs

CBD edibles

CBD edibles or CBD food are products containing cannabidiol that customers can eat, drink, chew and suck. It has never been easier to easily integrate CBD into a daily routine, and in such a delicious and satisfying way. Customers can simply chew on a CBD gummy sweet, add a drop of CBD honey to a hot cup of tea, and a whole host of easy edible options. As a product type they are increasingly popular and new types of edible are released all of the time and they are truly a staple part of any CBD store. Due to more widespread awareness of the benefits of CBD, many people are turning to edibles as a simple and familiar method of getting their dose. Once again the variety of products within this category can differ greatly, so it is worth investing time to look at and critically review what is available to buy wholesale. As there is an edible product for everyone out there, be sure to capitalise on their popularity as you sell CBD online.

CBD lotions and balms

In recent years many hemp derived CBD lotions and balms have emerged and are incredibly easy to use – they applied directly to the skin and are generally fast acting. This allows the CBD to soak into the skin to help provide relief right where it is required. Furthermore, people suffering with various skin conditions like to use CBD lotions and balms as a natural alternative to some over the counter treatments. CBD cosmetics and wellness products have appeared in all kinds of shops including pharmacies and farm shops and prove to be a popular and soothing natural remedy suitable for all kinds of alleviation and relaxation rituals. They are also used widely for sports recovery, self care and wellness treatments.

How can you market your CBD business online?

In 2021 almost everyone can access a smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet meaning you have potentially a huge audience for your business to reach to sell CBD online. It is the widespread ‘ease of access’ to social media and other online platforms that can enable you to reach this audience quickly, but there is a lot more to it than simply being active online. There are certain tactics you can employ to improve your marketing campaign to better enhance your sales capabilities and engage with your consumer.

High quality branding and product imagery

If you want to captivate your target audience, then using imagery that best reflects your store’s ethos, branding and vibe is a great start. Be sure to develop your own niche using eye-catching logos and designs, and use a white labelling service so that you can design and use your own recognisable brand on certified products. Branded CBD products come pre packaged and with packaging designs that can range from bright colourful, all the way to more muted, medicine style containers. Once you have your product range, invest in producing high quality imagery for your website that shows-off each product and makes it appealing to buyers. This typically involves taking photos from multiple angles, using a light-box and ensuring imagery is consistent across different product ranges.

Work with influencers

To maximise exposure many new entrepreneurs work with influencers for brand promotion and recognition. Although working with influencers is a relatively new concept, it proves a valuable source of exposure for many new businesses. Influencers can use their online presence and popularity to promote products for companies in paid promotions. There are guidelines set for how these work but generally it requires an agreement between the business and the influencer, stipulating that any coverage is marked as sponsored or as an advert. For example an influencer known for fashion or makeup may agree to post a video using your brand CBD lip balm or similar product, shared with their audience, marked as sponsored, directing viewers to your website or social channels.

Create useful online content

A popular way of generating website or store traffic is to create interesting content in the form of blog posts and articles online. For your business to prosper you will need to make sure you keep your customers up to date with the latest news and products, as well as exciting new science updates and discoveries. For ideas, interesting articles and extra reading, take a look at our blog page and spend some time seeing what your potential competitors are posting. Any content you create can also be shared on social media and in mailers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a long term online marketing strategy that allows you to reach a wider audience, drive more traffic to your website, and in turn, make that traffic become sales. An SEO strategy involves areas such as keyword research, website optimisation, content writing and building links back to your website. The beginnings of SEO start with technical aspects when you are building your online store and it’s important to stay up to date with SEO news as you continue to grow. Google and other search engines will update their algorithms (how they assess websites and rank them in the search results) meaning a proactive rather than a reactive approach is better to maintain and grow your traffic from search engines. In the shorter term, consider paid advertising online for your site and placing it on high quality marketplace directories.

Understanding laws around CBD

Be sure to check the legality of CBD and cannabis products where you live before attempting to start a business. Continuous research and development will see your business profiting while remaining safely within the parameters of the law. While understanding and staying within the law when selling CBD can be a bit of a challenge, you needn’t struggle as there are plenty of resources available online. You can keep up to date with current legislation and CBD industry news through your supplier’s blog and other popular online platforms and your B2B wholesaler, like Simply Green, can also provide you with information regarding CBD legislation that is relevant to you and your country. Whilst the European Union Court has ruled that CBD is not a narcotic, it is still advised to check your local laws. Keeping your online CBD store up to date with legislation is simple if you communicate properly with your supplier and research the CBD industry as a part of your business model. Companies that continue to stay up to date with the diverse CBD industry, keep within the parameters of the law and endeavour to fulfil their clients needs will be rewarded with regular custom and business growth.

Start today – sign up for a B2B account with Simply Green

Our guide on how to sell CBD online should be the great starting point that you need to further research how to sell CBD, how to pick your products and how to be successful in the CBD market. To sell CBD online can be a highly profitable business opportunity for you and as wholesale B2B suppliers, we’re here to deliver you the best stock at incredible prices, meaning you can get great profit margins on popular CBD products. If you haven’t already registered a free account with us, make sure you register today. We have thousands of premium and affordable CBD items ready for you to bulk buy and to sell online in your store. We pride ourselves on our range and our customer service, and will be here when your business needs us. For more information and to speak to a member of our team, please contact us. We’re happy to schedule a consultant meeting to help define your order and planning for the future.