Colorful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder Mixed Designs 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Colorful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder Mixed Designs 4 Parts - 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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An Outburst of Colourful Performance

Just as the name implies, the Colorful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder is a vibrant grinder designed with beautiful colors that will give that additional beauty to your customers’ relaxation accessories. This unique blend of colors, combined with its guaranteed high performance, stands it out from other metal grinders.

This four-piece wholesale Colorful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder Mixed Designs 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display)     has everything your customers will need for their grinding. It has:

Top magnetic cover, which covers the grinder perfectly

This ensures the user’s herb contents are airtight when grinding to avoid spillage

Two large grinders which grind against each other

This produces a seamless and smooth blend, and 

It also contains a sieve that ensures that the contents after grinding come out even smoother and more refined. 

Equipped with strong, metal teeth that tear through even the thickest buds with ease and crush herbs into tiny particles.

All these components of the Colourful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder were put in place for your customer to enjoy and have a beautiful, easy and smooth grinding experience.

The Colourful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder is made of high-grade metal. They also have strong, metal teeth that will tear through even the thickest buds without any effort; just a couple of quick twists, and the herb is already crushed into tiny particles and ready to be used. These grinders are one of the most effective and durable your customers could ever have.

Produced With Superior Quality Materials

You don’t have to let your customers use dull grinders when they can have these rich and colorful grinders. Stocking up these beauties will lift your relaxation accessories from basic to finesse! The great part is that these metal grinders come in different color blends, so your customers have a wide variety to choose from, according to their style and aesthetics. 

Allow your customers to own any of these colorful metal grinders. Order now for our wholesale Colorful Mexican Skulls Metal Grinder Mixed Designs 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display) at the best market prices and watch your profit margins grow. 


Weight 0,820 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 14,5 × 5 cm
Pieces per display

6 pieces


4 parts






Urban Crew



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