HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Coconut Kush Scented (6packs/display)

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Authentic – Hand-Rolled Cannabis Scented Incense Sticks

Did you know that your nose can detect upwards of a trillion distinct smells? It is also capable of picking up strong emotions like arousal, fear, and disgust. That’s why the impact of coconut incense sticks is nothing to sneeze at. Our wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Coconut Kush Scented are the perfect product for your more experienced customers who are looking to try out new products.

The sticks are also perfect for the experimental beginner who is just getting into cannabis products. As you might imagine, they offer a perfect way for someone to try out the aromas of the different cannabis strains. You can therefore expect a massive response from your customers. Place your order today and watch these incense sticks fly off your shelves in record time.

Unmatched Bliss

How to describe the scent of wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Coconut Kush Scented. Think of birds singing, sandy beaches, the smell of the ocean, and windchimes in the distance. The incense has a sweet scent that is both tropical and ‘coconuty’. The scent has a tropical feel to it, which makes it great for mood improvement.

Product Highlights

  • Each pack contains 15 coconut kush scented cannabis incense sticks.
  • A single incense stick has a burning time of 35-45 minutes per stick
  • Authentic hand-rolled cannabis scented incense sticks with soothing aromas
  • An organic blend of ingredients comprising fragrance oils, essential oils, herbs, flowers & resins.

If you are looking for something totally different from regular cannabis products, wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Coconut Kush Scented should do it. The sticks are crafted using high-quality old that contains terpenes like myrcene. This adds more functionality to a product that is already popular and comes with an impressive lineup of benefits. Chemistry aside, cannabis incense sticks smell amazing.

Coconut incense sticks have been used for many years to hold ceremonies to protect virtue and purity. Therefore, coconut scents are associated with spells of protection. Combined with cannabis, the product that your customers love and long for, you will certainly turn many heads if you add wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Coconut Kush Scented to your inventory.

Data Sheet

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 30 cm
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6 pieces




THC Free