Cannabis Incense Sticks – Vanilla and Dry Cannabis Leaves Scented (6packs/display)

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Cannabis Incense Sticks - Vanilla and Dry Cannabis Leaves Scented (6packs/display)

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Weight 0,245 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 30 cm
Pieces per display

6 pieces




THC Free


Stimulate Your Customer’s Senses

Let your customers experience a wave of nostalgia as a rich aroma of vanilla-scented cannabis engulfs them. The seemingly plain vanilla aroma in this special blend of Wholesale Cannabis Incense Sticks – Vanilla and Dry Cannabis Leaves packs a punch.

If your customers are wondering if the incense sticks smell like buds, They don’t! They release sweet floral fragrances that have a turn of earthy notes in them; a more or less feel-at-home fragrance.

From the moment it is lit, a subtle aromatic smoke is released, ideal to create very relaxing atmospheres with aromatherapeutic and aesthetic purposes. This natural fragrance creates a lively yet peaceful atmosphere for everyone. The blend is perfect to burn at home because its vanilla relaxes, and dry cannabis brings spiritual energy.


Wholesale Cannabis Incense Sticks – Vanilla and Dry Cannabis Leaves produce a creamy, warm, comforting, yet slightly exotic scent. The sweet scents of vanilla incense are grounding and great for enhancing memory, whilst the deep earthy tones from the dry cannabis leaves create a calming and warm environment with healing properties. It is great for burning when your customers have company, as it promotes a feeling of love and friendship.

Made from natural ingredients consisting of a unique variety of dry cannabis leaves, herbs, flowers, resins, pure oils, and pure sandalwood. These ingredients are blended into a paste and hand-rolled onto a thin bamboo stick.


  • 15 Incense Sticks per pack.
  • 6 Packs in a display.
  • A satisfactory burning time of 35-45 minutes per stick.

Why Your Customers Will Love It

This rich combination of vanilla and dry cannabis leaves will give them the feelings of cleanliness, purity, and nostalgic innocence. It is burnt to create a pure and spiritual atmosphere, to deepen devotion to something higher than oneself, or to facilitate meditation and concentration.
This line of incense is designed as a fragrant offering to a higher power, a spiritual journey that deepens their devotion while revealing its enchanting fragrance. Using incense sticks is easy, they just light the end and wait for it to glow and blow out the flame. Then place it into an incense holder and enjoy the wonderful fragrance that is produced.

Order the Wholesale Cannabis Incense Sticks – Vanilla and Dry Cannabis Leaves, a calming aroma great for the home. Fast and reliable shipping guaranteed.

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