HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented (6packs/display)

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Premium Quality Nag Champa Flavored Incense Sticks

Adding cannabis-scented incense to your accessories inventory is a great way to give your customers something to rave about. Our wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented features a sweet complexity that is soft, rich, and deep. Nag Champa is one of the most widely known traditional scents originally crafted in the Hindu and Buddhist monasteries in India. In fact, it is the most popular incense fragrance worldwide.

What is Nag Champa Incense?

Nag Champa is a popular natural fragrance that is used in aromatherapy. This fragrance was subtly introduced to the West from India by the hippies in the 1960s. It is considered one of the most popular incense, so you can be guaranteed that it will capture the attention of your incense-loving customers.

Our wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented come with a base component of the alluring and sacred sandalwood. They also contain the Champa flowers and their fresh, delicate plumeria scent. The Champa flower was originally used as a perfume, and it’s one of the most prominent ingredients in fragrant oils coming out of India and Nepal.

Product Highlights

  • 15 Nag Champa Scented Cannabis incense sticks per pack
  • Nontoxic, all-natural, organic, and herbal.
  • Handcrafted according to traditional customs with minimal tools.
  • An intriguing blend of natural scents
  • A balanced mix of cannabis and flowery notes
  • Slightly dank freshness with lemon and green orchid top notes.


A Blend Of Natural Scents

wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented are crafted using the highest quality natural ingredients from different sources. They contain resins, essential oils, gums, and different combinations of natural scents, including vanilla, lavender, cardamom, and cinnamon, among others. You will even find saffron, black pepper, and strawberries scents in some instances. These incense sticks also contain halmaddi. This is a soft tree resin that gives the incense a slow and pleasurable burn.

This highly secretive mixture of natural ingredients was traditionally blended and used in monasteries for meditation purposes. The scent of wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented pleasantly lingers in the air, and it is widely known for creating a positive state of mind. The fragrance features varying degrees of heaviness, sweetness, and earthiness.

If you are looking for authentic and natural incense for your cannabis enthusiast, wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented should do the trick. Named after the Goddess of pure love, liberation, and natural beauty, our wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Nag Champa Scented will definitely capture the attention of your more discerning customers. Place your bulk order today to expand your inventory and offer your customers something new to experiment with.

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6 pieces




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