Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Bones Skull (12pcs/bag)

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Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Bones Skull (12pcs/bag)

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Skull Of Customers’ Good Will And Satisfaction

Help customers overcome their fears of death and hell with a stock-up of these wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Bones Skull (12pcs/bag). One of the feelings a rugged weed smoker would always want to have is the lack of fear. The skull symbol has long been associated with the lack of fear of death. A satisfactory feeling is, after all, the aim of a good ‘weed time’. However it comes, these feelings are desirable and highly sought after. That is why we present these unique gadgets for your customers. It is the rare joint clipper with skull-branded metal silicone finishing.

With a complimentary and interesting look, the skull clipper has a variety of feels it gives to many customers, including hellish and crazy but electric high. This is the ideal psycho companion whenever any customer is having a good time with single or multiple weed flavors. It completes the experience. In many cultures and societies, the skull is used in making goodwill charms. Imagine the flow of goodwill with a relaxed soul in your satisfied customers. The goodwill transfers from costumes to business with evidence of crazy sales and profit realization. Enrich your stores’ returns with these skulls of good luck.

Great And Durable Clipper That Lasts Longer!

With this metallic weed or hemp wrap holder, a good feeling, a memorable high and satisfaction, and top-notch relaxation experiences are some of the many values they present to your customers. This metal joint clipper is designed with silicone material because of its characteristic long shelf life. It is a gadget that will remain with customers for as long as possible without reducing in quality and beauty. Rubber and wooden clippers are prone to many damaging effects, including heat, water, and cold. These replacement clippers however are resistant to unfavorable weather and storage conditions. It does not reduce in strength and usability after undergoing great levels of stress, pressure, and temperature changes.

The flexibility of the product is unmatched, making it safer for bulk packaging and preventing loss or breakage. The only delicate component of the item is the aesthetic skull attachment. It can however be detached and re-attached at will. As a good cannabis merchant, you always consider several factors before choosing the right product for your business and customers as well, that is why these wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Bones Skull (12pcs/bag) is an ideal complement for your ingenuity and business goals.


Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 3 cm
Pieces per display

12 pieces


Urban Crew

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