Ogeez Classic Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate (3x50g)

THC Free
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Three Birds With One Pack

Chocolate is great. There aren’t many words that can describe the feeling of taking a bite of the pure goodness of the chocolate. It manages to keep being the same no matter how many times you’ve eaten chocolate. Weed is also great. The feeling that comes after joints, dabbing rigs, and bongs have been lit is astonishing and is something every cannabis enthusiast loves. Chocolate in the shape of weed is a combination of two great things that give something beautiful. Thanks to the efforts of the geniuses at Ogeez, our wholesale Ogeez Classic Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free (3x50g) is in stock. Your shop can have these masterpieces and sell them to your customers. They are bound to buy it.

These chocolates have been hand-rolled by professionals to get authentic-looking cannabis buds for your customers’ enjoyment. They would all love to see the look on people’s faces as they watch them toss cannabis buds into their mouths raw, and munch them happily. The design of this chocolate treat might be the main attraction, but trust us when we say there are still more where that came from.

Cannabis-Shaped Chocolate For Those That Need Quality

These chocolate snacks were created by Ogeez using many delicious and healthy ingredients. White chocolate, puffed rice, Matcha tea, and roasted hemp seeds are just a few of them. All of these substances have several health benefits, so chocolate with all of them inside would be great. Many people do not consider white chocolate to be true chocolate, but that is irrelevant to us. It has an awesome taste and is really beneficial to the body. It is beneficial to the heart since it reduces the risk of hypertension and heart failure. It also contains cocoa butter, which acts as an antioxidant and removes free radicals from your body. White chocolate boosts your customer’s immunity. It also helps regulate sugar levels and digestion.

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THC Free