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Everything Your Customers Need To Know About CBD Sleep Products

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Sufficient and peaceful sleep is necessary if your customers are going to enjoy an overall good night. Experts suggest that both younger and older adults should sleep between seven and nine hours a day. This ensures that your body system relaxes and gets rejuvenated for the next day’s activities. Moreover, healthy sleeping habits can aid in memory function and the growth of body tissues and muscles.

While there are various solutions for better sleep, CBD sleep products are becoming more popular because of their potential benefits, such as anxiety relief. This article highlights everything your customers need to know about CBD sleep products and sleep disorders, so you, as a retailer, can offer them the best products for their issues.

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What Does Research Say?

Although 22% of consumers don’t believe in the potential benefits of cannabinoids, 68% of CBD users find it effective in enhancing the quality of life. Moreover, 8% of people aged 65 years and above use CBD products to enhance sleep, while 20% of younger adults use it to manage symptoms associated with inadequate sleep, such as insomnia. 

It’s important for you, as a retailer, to understand the goal of your customers when they’re searching for a specific product, as you are the expert.

CBD for Insomnia

When suffering from insomnia, you can hardly fall asleep, let alone stay asleep at night. This is because of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, peaks at night instead of in the morning in insomnia patients. Even without insomnia, high levels of cortisol hormone at night can increase nighttime awakenings, disrupting peaceful sleep patterns.

A recent scientific study on 72 adults depicting poor sleeping patterns shows that taking about 300g to 600g of CBD oil before going to bed can help decrease cortisol levels in the body. Since CBD inhibits the secretion of the Cortisol hormone, it can act as a sedative and put your customers to peaceful sleep.

CBD for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Disorder

Customers suffering from excessive sleep disorder struggle to catch a peaceful sleep at night. In that case, these people can’t wake up on time, as well as go to bed on time, which disrupts their regular sleeping pattern. There are many solutions to this, including sedatives for inducing sleep and antidepressants. However, these solutions usually take a toll on the body after prolonged use.

A safer and more natural alternative potential solution for getting up on time could be CBD sleep products. Recent scientific research suggests that CBD can induce alertness and provoke wake-related neurochemicals in experimental animals. For instance, a systematic 5mg CBD injection on a lesioned rat can block excessive sleepiness during the day for a peaceful one at night. Other studies also argue that CBD can potentially act as a sedative when taken in proportionate amounts to induce sleep at night.

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CBD for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep disorder is characterized by verbal and aggressive movements during sleep. Typically, about 1.2% of the general world population suffers from this disorder, with older adults (2%) experiencing it the most, especially those with underlying complications, such as neurodegenerative challenges, and Parkinson’s disease.

A limited study conducted on 4 patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease shows that CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of REM and improve sleep. Prior to joining the experiment, all four patients exhibited sleep disorder symptoms up to seven times a week. After taking CBD, the symptoms subsided completely or manifested only once a week. From these findings, CBD can be quite effective in relieving REM sleep disorders for overall health improvement.

Why you Should Buy Wholesale CBD Sleep Products

Based on previous studies, we could say wholesale CBD sleep products could be a perfect solution for your customers with night issues. But it is also important for you, as a retailer, to be sure you’re offering wholesale CBD products of high quality, with third-party lab tests and from a trusted wholesaler.

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