Jumbo Shooter Rolling Machine King Size Mix Colors (12pcs/display)

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Jumbo Shooter Rolling Machine King Size Mix Colors (12pcs/display)

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The Netherlands

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Why Let Your Customers Roll Their Weed?

Rolling is a delicate art. Any cannabis enthusiast knows how important a well-rolled joint is to the user experience. And the learning curve to rolling joints is quite steep, so any newbies would struggle with terrible joints for a long time. Well, with our wholesale Jumbo Shooter Rolling Machine King Size Mix Colors, you can help your customers bypass all that. If your customers love uniform joints and want the best, you can recommend this to them. There are a few reasons why your customers would love this product over the stress of rolling their blunts themselves.

If your customers know anything about blunts, then they’ve heard and probably dread canoeing. That is a phenomenon that happens where the joint burns down the sides instead of burning evenly at the tips. This is a really bad user experience that your customers would not want. It is caused by air pockets that remain in the roll when it is done improperly. Our wholesale Jumbo Shooter Rolling Machine King Size Mix Colors would make all that a thing of the past.

Quick Standard Rolls With The Best Touch

These rolling machines are the best things to grace the cannabis rolling scenes. With these handy machines your customers can expect a few benefits such as:
Uniformity: With a rolling machine, your customers can get consistent well-rolled joints at any time.
Ease Of Usage: our wholesale Jumbo Shooter Rolling Machine King Size Mix Colors is quite easy to use. Even newbies would find making a joint as easy as a walk in the park.
Speed: Hand rolling cannot compare to the speed of a rolling machine.

A single display of our wholesale Jumbo Shooter Rolling Machine King Size Mix Colors weighs only 700 grams while containing twelve pieces of this masterpiece. This means that a single one of these bad boys would be light enough for your customers to carry around to roll on the go.

You should consider getting these for your store. Your customers would love that.


Weight 0,639 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13,5 × 6 cm




Pieces per display

12 pieces

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