Champ High Space Patch Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display)

12 pieces
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A Grinding Experience Out Of This World

Are you looking for a grinder that will ensure the best blending for all your customers? Get this Wholesale Champ High Space Patch Grinder for your customers, and they will not stop recommending it to their friends and family.
The Champ High brand assures your customers of quality, strength and durability. They designed these grinders with high-quality aluminium material that ensures they don’t break or crack easily. Your customers are assured of premium quality after every purchase, and they can use these grinders for as long as they want.

To ensure fast and effective crushing, the teeth of the lids are sharp enough to guarantee fine grinding of all herbs and flowers regardless their densities. These finely constructed lids do not wear down over time, ensuring a good grind at every use.

Just think about how happy your customers will be since they won’t have problems with clogged-up grinders. They will enjoy cleaner grinds now as there will be no need to stop mid-grind to unclog the grinder. This is because the teeth are distributed evenly across the grind section with optimal space between them. Also, with a grind section of about 50mm, your customers can evenly spread their herbs and grind more!
Packed with a large storage chamber, the Wholesale Champ High Space Patch Grinder can accommodate large amounts of ground herb enough for an enjoyable smoking experience for your customers.

Perfectly Designed To Please

The Wholesale Champ High Space Patch grinder comprises four parts, each serving the sole purpose of making your customers happy and excited! The third part contains a screen that acts as a sieve. It is perfect for filtering out seeds and sticks that interfere in your customers’ smoking session by tearing the rolling papers and giving pungent odours during burning.

Featherweight and compact, the Champ High grinder is also portable enough to fit into your customers’ palms easily, ensuring a tight grip during grinding. It can also fit into bags and pockets without adding much extra weight.
Now just imagine how happy your customers will be using this grinder. A grinder that will guarantee them a fine blend of their favourite herbs. This grinder is armed to the teeth with the right design for the right experience for the right customers.

With this product, your customers will have a reference to tell their friends when they talk about their favourite grinders. They will want to spread the good news, which means more sales for you.
Hop in on this discount offer for our Wholesale Champ High Space Patch Grinder and enjoy high returns on this premium product.

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Weight 1,383 kg
Dimensions 19 × 25 × 4 cm

Champ High




4 parts





Pieces per display

12 pieces