Metal Grinder Gold Ingot 3 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Metal Grinder Gold Ingot 3 Parts - 50mm (6pcs/display)

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The Gold Standard

The durable Metal Grinder Gold Ingot is ideal for your customers, with the three pieces all screw together ideally to create a tight smooth seal. The design of the grinder is plain, coming in a beautiful gold color.

This solid grinder is the best choice for herb lovers on the go, featuring the most satisfactory diameter of 50mm. Easy to fit in a purse, this high-quality metal grinder with 3 parts includes a sieve and grinder, and a powder chamber to store the finest grind safely.  

Using a cheap, low-quality grinder will quickly break down after only a few uses, but our wholesale Metal Grinder Gold Ingot 3 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display) will last a long time. So, your customers can rest assured that they won’t ever have to worry about their grinder wearing down or breaking easily from a fall.

Product Features

High-quality 3-piece grinder 

Eye-catching plain gold design 

Fitted with magnetized lip, sieve and grinder, and razor-sharp teeth

Contains a spatula to gather the finely ground herbs

Great for herb lovers on the go

Made of long-lasting materials that won’t wear down or break easily

The Trinity Of A Fine, Golden Experience

The three layers in our metal 3-part grinders each serve a unique purpose. The gold inscription is printed on the magnetized lid that fits securely at the bottom of the teeth. There is a screen and grinder in the middle section to collect herbs’ remnants. The teeth of this grinder are razor-sharp, so they will grind any thickness of herbs bud in an instant. 

Finely ground herbs go to the last chamber. The set also includes a spatula to make it even easier to gather everything that has been ground. Your customers can use the tiny scraper to quickly scrape the ground buds and get back to enjoying their herbs in style!

The wholesale Metal Grinder Gold Ingot 3 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display) comes in plain gold color, and all compartments are magnetic. Add this unique grinder to your cart and give your customers the best grinding and rolling experience, and yourself a boost in profit margins. 


Weight 1,380 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 7 cm





3 parts

Pieces per display

6 pieces




Grind Pro

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