Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Purple Haze x4 Blunts (15packs/display)

15 pieces
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Royal Blunts are from California, where they have been unexpectedly innovative in their smoking goods for over two decades (1995). The company has been spanning all frontiers for years, surprising us with fresh concepts and flavors.

The addition of Hemparillo to the portfolio was a success, as these wraps are still among the most well-known in America. The sheets are not composed of tobacco, as most are in the United States, but of European hemp; thus, the smoke produced by wraps is less hazardous and has a distinct flavor to it.

Delicious smoke is necessary, but it’s not the only thing. Above all, these rollings burn slowly, extending sessions with each blunt and briefly winning each joint, making the meeting with pals more enjoyable. The flavor of our Wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Purple Haze x4 Blunts is a purple haze with explosions that reminds your customers of dark grapes.

Our Wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Purple Haze x4 Blunts has quickly become America’s favorite blunt wraps! These bad boys are jam-packed with organic tastes that will wow your customer’s senses! Hemparillos are an all-natural, pure hemp blunt wrappers!

These Wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Purple Haze x4 Blunts are a new line of high-quality hemp-fiber pre-rolled blunt wraps. Each blunt is wrapped in a tube and wrapped in plastic to ensure safety both inside and out. Because the container is resealable, the blunt wraps can stay fresh for up to 6 months after opening!

The Wholesale Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Purple Haze x4 Blunts scented wraps are a delicious, fruity alternative to your standard blunt wraps! Other flavors and bulk packaging are also available! Each pack contains 4 Hemparillo Purple Haze blunt wraps in a resealable packet.

Specifications / Key Features
Main Material: 100% Hemp.
4 Blunts per Box.
Foil Wrapped for Freshness.
Resealable Ziplock Pack.
100% plant-based

Data Sheet

Weight 0,140 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 19 cm




Pieces per display

15 pieces